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DIY Felt Embroidery Valentines

 DIY felt embroidery valentines

Valentine's Day... some people love it, some people hate it... I say, "Who cares, it's another excuse to craft!"  These adorable felt valentine ornaments are super easy to make.  All they require are some very basic embroidery skills and a few basic materials.  From there, you can customize the rest!  

You may be asking, "Are Valentine ornaments a real thing? What do people do with a Valentine ornament?"  Well, yes, they are now... and you could hang one up on your loved one's bulletin board, or around their door knob, or just give it to them and let them figure out what to do with it.  Either way, so adorable! 


Felt Fabric
5 inches thin ribbon/yarn/string
Fabric Glue 
Embroidery Floss
Embroidery Needles
Pen or Pencil
Scrap paper

1. Create a heart template out of scrap paper.  Fold a piece of paper and draw half a heart along the folded side.  Cut out and unfold for a symmetrical heart. You can also find heart templates to print and cut out with a quick Google search.

2. Trace your heart template onto felt and cut out two hearts.  


DIY felt embroidery valentines

    3. Draw your design onto one of the felt hearts. For this project, I lightly sketched out my design using a regular old ink pen.  This method is permanent, so be confident! There’s no correcting your design if you mess up your lines. Get some extra felt and have fun with it. When using permanent ink, it's important to draw a thin line so that it will be covered completely by your embroidery stitches. 
    Less than confident in your drawing skills? Fear not, there are other simple methods you can use.

    DIY felt embroidery valentines

      4. Time to stitch!  The only embroidery stitch I used for this project is the back stitch. It's very easy and looks clean and solid.  It's a great beginner stitch, and goes pretty quickly for a novice.  Watch this video to learn how.

      DIY felt embroidery valentines

      5. When you're done with all your stitching, it's time to clean up that backside.  Trim any long ends and tidy things up.  Although felt is pretty opaque, if you leave long colorful ends poking around, there's a chance they'll be visible through the front.
      6. Cut a length of ribbon 5 inches long. 

      7. Apply a thin layer of craft glue to the inside surface of your felt heart. Depending on the thickness of your felt, using too much glue could cause it to soak through the felt. Be sure to spread evenly.


      DIY felt embroidery valentines

      8. Position your ribbon onto the glued heart and add an extra bit of glue to hold the ribbon in place.
      9. Sandwich your 2 felt pieces together and press down.
      DIY felt embroidery valentine
      10. Lay flat to dry for 20 minutes.

      Optional:  After your valentine has dried for 20 minutes, press it under a heavy book for another 20+ minutes to flatten the two pieces together.

      DIY felt embroidery valentines

      Make a million of these to give to all the loves in your life!  I want to keep just about every one I've made so far, so I probably need to make some more...

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