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DIY Embroidery Wall Hanging


There are many ways to finish an embroidery project, but the wall hanging will always be my favorite.  While I appreciate the simplicity of using the hoop as a frame, I like to have options.  It's surprisingly simple to turn any embroidery into a wall banner, and this project is very easy to customize any way you see fit.  Take note, this DIY guide is for the actual finishing part only.  The embroidery part is completely up to you!

The finished size is also completely up to you. (My piece shown is 8"x7" without the string.)

Supplies Needed:
- Finished embroidery 
- Thread that matches your main fabric
- Wooden dowel (width of your finished piece + 1")
- Twine or string 
- Light to medium-weight iron-on fusible interfacing (.25" smaller than your finished piece on each side)

DIY Embroidery Wall Banner

DIY embroidery wall banner


1. Iron your finished embroidery.
Note: I used 2 layers of fabric when embroidering this project.  My main fabric was a very lightweight muslin, and I wanted the finished piece to be a bit sturdier.

2. With a piece of scrap paper, create a template of your desired finished size.  My finished size for this piece is 8"x7".


DIY Embroidery Wall Banner


3. Position the template evenly over your design and trace on the back side of the embroidery.  Since the lines will be covered up later, you can use any lightweight marking tool you have on hand. I’m using my favorite DMC U1539 Embroidery Blue Transfer Pen


DIY Embroidery Wall Banner


4.  Trim down each edge.  Cut out around your template leaving approximely 1" of extra fabric all around.


DIY Embroidery Wall Banner

5.  Fold the 2 sides over on the traced line.  Press with an iron and pin in place on each side.

6.  Sew a seam down each side, 3/8" from the outer edges.

7.  Fold, press, and pin the top and bottom edges.

8.  Sew a seam across the bottom edge, 3/8" from the outer edge.

9.  Sew the top edge with a seam 3/4" from the outer edge.  This larger seam will create a casing for the dowel.

DIY Embroidery Wall Banner

10.  Trim the paper template down 1” around each edge.

11.  Trace the template onto your interfacing and cut out.

DIY Wall Banner Embroidery

12.  Iron on the interfacing, following the directions from your manufacturer.
Note: Never use steam when ironing on interfacing. 

13.  Insert the dowel in the top casing. 

DIY Wall Banner Embroidery

14.  Attach your piece of twine to each side with a knot. 
Optional: add a drop of clear fabric glue to both knots to secure more permanently.

DIY Wall Banner Embroidery


And you're done!  Hang up, stand back, admire. Then start on the next!

This article contains affiliate links. I include links for supplies to make it more convenient for you to get what you need to start your next project.  I only include affiliate links for products I use personally and highly recommend.

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